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What Sets the Seiko Lens Apart?

How Seiko lenses refract, reflect, and represent superior quality in sight.

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Progressive Lenses

Have you ever wondered, “What’s the difference between bifocal and progressive lenses?” The answer is incredibly simple, yet astoundingly complex from a scientific point of view. Seiko knew progressive lenses were the answer to the annoying lines within bifocals.

Progressive lenses combine the qualities of bifocals into a single lens. So, looking through any part of the lens opens up many new levels of vision. Focusing on an object far away while still capturing the gradient in change of the scene in clarity, progressive lenses dramatically changed how the world is seen.

Seiko maintains a patent on the only 100 percent internal, free form progressive lenses in the market. Seiko’s progressive lenses have been designed to eliminate swaying in typical progressive lenses. These lenses also carry a universally blended design to ensure maximum distance and a wide reading area for use in the young, mid-aged, and elderly. Basically, these no-line bifocals are not really bifocals or trifocals; they are multi-focal and adaptable across your scope of sight.





As the world has become more reliant on computers, using prescription lenses to view a typical working-desk has become difficult.  The concerns of screen time on eye health, in conjunction with melatonin suppression caused by the light of digital devices has led Seiko to find a solution in creating a wider, stronger, and treated lens for specific use in this type of setting.

Does the constant glare and hint of blue light in your computer affect your vision quality with your current lenses? Seiko computer lenses are designed to meet changing needs of society and individuals. Seiko has created a lineup of occupational lenses, such as Seiko PCWide and Seiko Super Atoric SVFF lenses, to provide better vision while working on digital devices.

PCWide lenses are designed for those who spend most of their working-time on a computer or laptop. These 100 percent back-surface lenses combine the benefits of progressive and single vision lenses. PCWide lenses tear down the need to readjust glasses when glancing between a computer and bookwork. PCWide lenses increase the viewing power of single vision lenses without weakening your ability to see the peripheral zones of your desk.


Lens Treatments

From the sun to blowing dust, untreated prescription lenses may scratch, crack, blur, or otherwise lose clarity. Seiko lens treatments reduce how the elements interact with prescriptions lenses, which results in superior quality and a more durable lens.

Seiko offers many different types of lens treatments to enhance the overall performance and durability of lenses. Furthermore, these treatments may be applied to any type of Seiko lens, which broadens the combination of lens treatments and lens types for virtually any prescription.

The benefits of a lens treatment includes the following:

  • Reduced incidence of scratches, scuff marks, or breakage.
  • Improved clarity when wearing lenses throughout many different settings.
  • Increased resistance to smudges from dirt, oils, debris, and water.
  • Reduced glare and reflections.

Additionally, some lens treatments may be used to apply specific filters to the lens, such as removing excess blue light from digital devices or Transitions® to automatically adjust to changing light levels.

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