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Privacy Policy

Seiko Vision Privacy Policy

SeikoVision (“the company,” “we,” or “us”) operates this website. As such, this privacy policy governs information we may gather from visitors, users, or interest parties through this website and how and when such information is transferred. This privacy policy explains what information may be collected, used for marketing purposes, or redistributed to third-party companies or individuals. All users are advised to read through the privacy policy in its entirety prior to using the site.

Personal Identifying Information

Any submitted, personal information shall not be shared with other parties unless expressed consent is given. Throughout the site, users may opt in to receive more information about SeikoVision’s services and offers. In such instances, personal identifying information may be recorded and documented for use in the creation of personal accounts with the company. For SeikoVision’s purposes, we shall not sell, rent, or release your information without expressed, written consent. Please note, digital consent may be obtained in lieu of physical consent with appropriate, verifiable means of communication.

Information collected may include contact information for building a continuing business between SeikoVision and interested parties only.  

Any information willingly shared and known to be publically visible, such as commentary to blog posts or news articles on this site, share revert the responsibility of ownership of such commentary to the company. Furthermore, any information shared through public areas of the site shall be considered available for use, which may include use third-party vendors and entities that may collect, redistribute, or otherwise use personal identifying information.

Protected Health Information

Pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, SeikoVision shall not release any protected health information, including personal identifying information, as it pertains to prescribing information and health care, to any party beyond SeikoVision and affiliated entities. Any information shared must meet the strict “need to know” exclusivity basis. Failure to maintain this confidentiality may warrant fines, penalties, or other punishments under federal, state, and local statutes.

SeikoVision may share protected health information to work contractors for the purposes of producing, shipping, or otherwise completing a prescribed order.

Reporting a HIPAA Violation

Any illicit sharing or communication of protected health information should be prompted and thoroughly reported to the company. Furthermore, illicit sharing of information may warrant a report to the US Department of Health & Human Services through http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/complaints/index.html.

This report must take place within 180 days of the original violation; however, the DHHS may extend the deadline for such reporting if “good cause” can be exemplified.

Non-Retaliatory Measures

Under HIPAA, we shall not, in any instance, retaliate against an individual or an organization who has filed a complaint for a HIPAA violation.

Future Communication

Unless you request removal from mailing lists or other marketing measures, you authorize SeikoVision to continue to contact you regarding promotional events, new technologies, or changes in company policy.

Security Measures

SeikoVision may employ restricted-access zones for eye care professionals and personal accounts with the company. These security measures are in place to help prevent and eliminate threats to personal identifying information.

Links to Other Sites

SeikoVision assumes no responsibility for the security and credibility of links within this site. If a user opts to visit another website through a link that goes beyond SeikoVision’s scope, the specific terms, if any exist at all, of that entity’s website’s privacy policy shall apply.

Minors and SeikoVision

SeikoVision shall not engage minors into contractual obligations unless the consent of a parent or guardian may be obtained concurrently. Furthermore, any information collected or posted by minors shall fall under adult rules within the privacy policy.