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In today’s fast-paced world of constantly evolving lifestyles, your vision care must keep up with your every demand. With deliberate precision, your lenses should be able to deliver the highest performance in every situation.

At Seiko, be it for digital or indoor use, or specific outdoor activities, we have the perfect lens for you.

Female in back seat of car wearing glasses using smartphone


Make everyday life more special as you enjoy greater performance, and more natural vision with Seiko. The highest quality is engineered into every step of the Seiko lens range to ensure excellent vision for all products, from the classic everyday aspherical up to the high performance vision correction lens.

Male wearing eyeglasses working behind laptop screen


As the world becomes more digitally inclined, with people spending more time looking at device screens for extended periods of time, and embracing energy-efficient LED lighting, eye-strain becomes more prevalent. Eye strain, dryness, blurred vision, tiredness, and even headaches, neck and back pain can materialize as symptoms of this digital revolution. Seiko’s superior coatings and treatments are engineered precisely to protect against these modern problems.

Business man in suit wearing glasses standing behind desk on a phone call


Designed to enhance your indoor vision experience, these specialist lenses are developed with every unique environment condition in mind. They ensure clear visual acuity and ergonomic practice and can augment your existing lenses. They have been created to offer better indoor vision in the near to intermediate distance with an exceptional wide viewing field to promote natural and comfortable head and body position.

Female runner from behind running along track


Made to serve your active lifestyle and aesthetic sensibilities, Seiko’s range of outdoor lenses are optimised for no compromise. Made for active and fashion-conscious wearers, they are well-suited for sports and fashion frames, and offer a unique dynamic viewing experience. Expertly built using both technology and design to achieve brilliant imaging and sharper views.

Female wearing eyeglasses on phone call smiling


No matter when or where, you always want to look your very best. Seiko offers state-of-the-art eyeglasses that are tailor-made for your personal lifestyle and specific visual needs, so that you never have to worry about choosing between style and functionality. 

Female on flight wearing eyeglasses looking out of window with laptop in front of her


Along-side perfect vision, a common concern you might have is the thickness and weight of your lenses. Thanks to its advanced technologies and innovations, you can be rest assured that Seiko’s ultra-thin and lightweight glasses that provide not only optimum comfort, but add an edge to your style quotient as well.