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Higher contrast, richer colors. No glare.

Seiko Polarised lenses protect the eyes and filter out glare caused by reflective surfaces like water. Offering highly enhanced contrast and color, the wearer enjoys extra-clear vision through innovatively engineered ultra-thin polarised lenses.

Seiko’s exclusive Polarised technology introduces a whole new generation of high-quality polarised lenses coupled with unrivalled aesthetic properties.

Two different tinted lenses side by side


Seiko Polarised offers you the world’s most stylish lens. Offering perfect vision in less than ideal conditions, Seiko Polarised lenses are easy on the eyes in more ways than one. Thanks to a new, innovative production process, they are also thin, light, and sleek and ready for any kind of frame, even rimless and supra frames. Choose your lens style from two attractive natural colors – grey or brown.

Image on a beach with the sea waves and the sun glaring down

Innovative POLARISATION filter

While being active outdoors, it is crucial that you protect your eyes from high sun exposure. Otherwise, not only can you receive too much direct sunlight, but experience glare, both of which cannot be filtered out by conventional sunglasses. With the Seiko Polarised innovative polarisation filter, glare is reduced and the benefits endless.