Emphasize your personality

No outfit is complete without the finishing touches. Combine functionality with individuality by choosing the right frame for your face. Personalize your look, from classic and timeless designs to modern cool. 

glasses that match your personality

Your glasses play an important part in how you are perceived. Whether you want to appear sophisticated, sporty, conservative or trendy – the right eyewear could help you shape your identity. Just as you would not wear the same pair of shoes to a cocktail party as to the beach or the office, you should have more than one pair of glasses for different occasions.

Before you choose, consider how you want to be perceived. Once you are clear about your wishes and needs are you then ready to start selecting suitable options. Do not hesitate to ask experts for advice during the process. 

What affects the thickness of the lens

The most common concern for people who have a high prescription is the thickness and weight of the lenses. Frame size, lens  material, prescription value and your PD (pupillary distance) are four factors that affect the thickness of your lenses.

Eyeglass frames sitting in a display cabinet

Frame size

Simply put, the bigger the frame, the bigger the lens. Accordingly, since lenses are curved, a bigger lens will be thicker and heavier.

Three types of lens thickness

Lens index

The higher the index number, the thinner the lens. If you have a high prescription, you will need a high index lens in order to keep the lens thin and light.

Person holding a paper with prescription information on it

Prescription value

The stronger your prescription is, the thicker the lenses will be.

Female optician carrying out an eye examination on a female

PD (pupillary distance)

You should always choose a frame with a total width suitable for your PD value. Otherwise, lenses with larger diameters have to be used, which are thicker.

Male wearing eyeglasses in the back seat of a car

Improve your looks with progressives

Most people over the age of 45 suffer from presbyopia where they start having trouble reading small print with their regular eyeglasses.

The main advantage with progressive lenses is that you can see clearly at any distance with just one pair of spectacles. And unlike the traditional lined bifocal lenses, progressive lenses create a gradual transition from seeing far away to mid-distance to close-up and eliminate the visible lines between the different prescriptions.

An added benefit of progressives is their seamless design which hides the fact that they are reading glasses.

Male wearing eyeglasses in an office holding a coffee cup looking out of window

Never compromise on appearance

No matter when or where, you always want to look your very best. Never worry about sacrificing style for functionality. Personalize your look while seeing clearly from edge-to-edge.

Female outdoors sitting on park bench wearing glasses using smartphone

Reinvent your look

With the right pair of glasses, you can reinvent your look in an instant. Choose from trendy frames that allow you to adjust your style daily to complement who you are.