Superb vision wherever you look

The digital age has dramatically changed the way we see the world. Today it is not enough to have perfectly clear vision when looking near or far. Our eyes must constantly shift focus whilst switching between near and intermediate distances. For those who demand precise vision at all times, Seiko offers a wide range of superb progressive lenses crafted for modern needs.

Female in black evening gown wearing glasses on bright backround

When precision meets luxury

What if progressive lenses could feel extremely comfortable right away? What if they were customized to your needs and optimized for all lifestyles and digital usage? With these questions in mind Seiko’s best engineers designed SEIKO Brilliance – a supreme progressive lens that changes the way we see multifocal vision entirely.

Male wearing eyeglasses holding tablet looking out of window

Vision in perfect harmony

Conventional progressive lenses work well for those who have similar prescription values for both eyes. Those who demand higher precision, unparalleled quality, bespoke design – and require a different prescription for each eye – will find what they are looking for in SEIKO PRIME.


Explore the entire Seiko lens range. All Seiko lenses are manufactured with the utmost precision, helping ensure clarity from edge-to-edge through a seamless design that suits all needs.