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Sharp vision, flawless look

SEIKO Curved and Curved X allow you to wear single view or progressive lenses while engaging in sports or recreation without compromising your look, comfort or quality. With over 250 different colors and even photochromic and polarized options, there are almost limitless options when it comes to creating your personal look.

As a global company, our available product range may differ locally. Contact a Seiko Vision Specialist to confirm availability in your area.

Various eyeglass tints in different colours

Set your own trend

With the SEIKO Mirror Collection, you can combine any of our five exceptional mirror coatings with the colored glass of your choice and create your very own unique piece of eyewear. For an even more personalized, trendy look.

Eyeglasses and lens being splashed with water on a black background

SEIKO High Curved Technology

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and innovation, Seiko High Curved Technology optimizes the design of the lens for frames with extreme curves based on the individual.

Made in any shape for any occasion, your lenses perfectly match any purpose and location.


Explore the entire Seiko lens range. All Seiko lenses are manufactured with the utmost precision, ensuring clarity from edge-to-edge through a seamless design that suits all needs.