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Get much more from your lenses

When your vision is a top priority, you want to experience the full potential of your premium lenses. Each Super Resistant Clear (SRC™) coating is meticulously crafted to ensure durability and provide comfortable, glare-free vision for an extended period. Identify the lighting conditions that challenge you the most, then choose the best solution for you.


Don’t settle for anything less than absolute clarity. We understand how disheartening it may be to choose a premium lens and not fully enjoy its capabilities. That is why we have created SRC™-ULTRA, the most outstanding anti-reflective coating with the highest transparency in our portfolio. Now you can feel confident, knowing that you’ve chosen a nearly invisible lens that is well-protected and your vision is exceptionally clear and reflection-free.


Enjoy precise, comfortable vision throughout the day, every day. Any wearer of eyeglasses knows the annoyance of imperfectly clear vision. To address this issue, we have crafted a premium anti-reflective coating, the SRC™-ONE. Navigate your day with ease, assured that your lens is shielded against scratches, dust, and dirt, eliminating any compromise to your visual comfort – all at the best value.


Say goodbye to the frustration of squinting behind the wheel. Understanding how bothersome glare and blinding lights can be while driving, we have developed SRC™-ROAD, a specialized coating that enhances your driving experience by reducing reflectionson your lenses caused byoncoming vehicles and intense headlights. Now, you can feel more relaxed, confident, and focused solely on the road ahead without any distractions.


Put an end to the discomfort of tired and dry eyes caused by extended screen use. At Seiko, we recognize the growing digital demands of today’s lifestyle, which our eyes often find challenging to meet. That is why we have designed SRC™-SCREEN, an innovative coating which efficiently reduces blue light radiation. Enjoy relaxed and comfortable vision while using screens, free from the hindrance of eyestrain symptoms.


Constantly squinting and shielding your eyes from the sun can be a thing of the past, now that we‘ve introduced the new and unique SRC™-SUN to our portfolio. This anti-reflective coating enhances contrasts for natural, vivid vision and is ideally matched with tinted lenses for improved aesthetics. Experience the beauty of sunny days with comfort and style, free from the irritation of glare.