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Vision drives performance

No matter the field, your vision drives your performance. Making sure your eyesight is at its best is key to your success. Driven by innovation and cutting-edge technology, it is safe to say that your choice of Seiko lenses will meet your every demand – precise, sharp and stunningly slim. 

lenses for farsightedness make your eyes look bigger

If you are farsighted, then the stronger the lens, the more your eyes may appear magnified. Images seen through these lenses appear larger than they are. Here is what you can do to help prevent this:

  1. Use lenses made of high index plastic and keep the lenses small. This will help reduce edge thickness and weight and make your eyes appear normal in size.

  2. Use a lightweight frame. This will help make the lenses sit closer to your face, helping to reduce the magnifying effect on your eyes and images through your glasses.

lenses for nearsightedness make your eyes look smaller

If you are nearsighted, your lenses may cause some cosmetic issues and visual distortion. Your eyes will appear smaller than they are as well as the images you see through your glasses. Here is what you can do:

  1. Use smaller lenses made out of high index plastic. They are light and thin.

  2. Use a lightweight frame that will allow the lenses to fit close to your eye.
Anit fog lenses in manufacturing machine

The secret behind anti-fog treatments

When it is cold outside, there is nothing more frustrating than having your eyeglasses fog up when you enter a building. 

Lenses fog up as the moisture in the air condenses into tiny droplets on the lens’ surface. With anti-fog coating (or other anti-fog treatment) the surface tension of the lens is reduced, and condensation disperses into a virtually invisible thin sheet of water that eventually evaporates.

Enhance your game with colored lenses

Specially tinted spectacles can help you improve your sports performance. The best tint is related to the surroundings and lighting conditions:

Green gradient coloured lens


Green tinted lenses work for essentially all outdoor activities. A green tinted lens will transmit all colors evenly and also dim glares while brightening shadows. 

Gray gradient coloured lens


Grey lenses are also practical for general purpose use. They reduce glare and are dark enough to provide overall protection.

Brown gradient coloured lens


Abrown or amber tint improves contrast and contains a red element to enhance depth perception. These lenses are perfect for golf, tennis, fishing, sailing or any other sport where distance awareness is crucial.

Yellow gradient coloured lens


A yellow tint provides a greater clarity in fog, haze and other low-light conditions. It also filters out blue light that can make focusing difficult. This tint is optimal for skiing, mountain biking, hunting, tennis and target shooting.

Blue gradient coloured lens

Purple/Blue/Double gradient

Purple, blue and double gradient tints are not only fashionable, but they also reduce glare and improve color perception. These are suitable for golf, both as a player and a spectator. 

Red gradient coloured lens


If you enjoy racing or cycling, red tinted lenses for your glasses are the best option. They enhance visual depth, reduce eye strain, help adjust contrast and provide clear road visibility. 

Lenses over dark surface with measurements in the background

Cutting-edge Technology

State-of-the-art technology combined with extraordinary individual workmanship makes Seiko lenses the most advanced available, giving you the best visual clarity possible.

Male inspecting eyeglass lens up close

perfect vision by precision

Seiko offers top-of-the-line lenses, tailor made for your personal lifestyle and visual needs. Perfectly adjusted to any purpose, location and occasion, experience edge-to-edge clarity no matter what.