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EMPHASISE your personality

No matter when or where, you always want to look your very best. Seiko offers state-of-the-art eyeglasses that are tailor-made for your personal lifestyle and specific visual needs, so that you never have to worry about choosing between style and functionality. Perfectly adjusted to purpose and occasion, Seiko lenses are designed to allow you to personalise your look, while seeing clearly from edge-to-edge.

Male walking barefoot along beach wearing glasses


Every face is unique, and even with the same frame, each lens will sit differently. Seiko's sophisticated technology and precise calculations enable it to collect your individual unique data, and select a lens from an infinite number of designs, to best suit your face form, frame choice and lifestyle. Seiko allows you to experience enhanced aesthetics and ultimate comfort, with lenses that best reflect your personality and sense of style.

Female sitting outside on park bench wearing glasses on smartphone


Your glasses play an important part in how you are perceived. Whether you want to appear sophisticated, sporty, conservative or trendy – the right eyewear could help you shape your identity. Just as you would not wear the same pair of shoes to a cocktail party as to the beach or the office, you should have more than one pair of glasses for different occasions.

Before you choose, consider how you want to be perceived. Once you are clear about your wishes and needs, you are ready to start selecting suitable options. Do not hesitate to ask experts for advice during the process.

Male wearing eyeglasses in the back seat of a car

Improve your looks with progressive lenses

Most people over the age of 40 suffer from presbyopia where they start having trouble reading small print with their regular eyeglasses.

The main advantage with progressive lenses is that you can see clearly at any distance with just one pair of spectacles. And unlike the traditional lined bifocal lenses, progressive lenses create a gradual transition from seeing far away to mid-distance to close-up and eliminate the visible lines between the different prescriptions.

An added benefit of progressive lenses is their seamless design which hides the fact that they are reading glasses.

Female on flight wearing eyeglasses looking out of window with laptop in front of her


Along-side perfect vision, a common concern you might have is the thickness and weight of your lenses. Thanks to its advanced technologies and innovations, you can be rest assured that Seiko’s ultra-thin and lightweight glasses that provide not only optimum comfort, but add an edge to your style quotient as well. 

Male mountain biker on a bicycle wearing helmet


In today’s fast-paced world of constantly-evolving lifestyles, your vision care must keep up with your every demand. With deliberate precision, your lenses should be able to deliver the highest performance in every situation.