Besides correcting your vision, lenses with specific coatings can help protect your eyes from light and rays that may be harmful. From intense outdoor activities to interacting with digital devices, your glasses can be tailor made to both fit your lifestyle and help provide protection.

Exercise and your eyes

Regular exercise not only keeps your body in shape and helps you avoid severe health conditions, but it also keeps your eyes healthy. Studies show that when done regularly, exercise decreases pressure in the eyes. 

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Your eyes need some care

Like your other organs, the eyes are affected by how you care for your body. Regular exercise can help prevent eye conditions that are linked to obesity and being out of shape. Going for a walk a few times a week can help lower pressure on the nerves in the eye.

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Exercise on the go

If there is not much room in your busy schedule for exercise, make small changes in your everyday life in order to incorporate more motion, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

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Potential Negative effects of blue light

Natural blue light from the sun helps keep you awake and regulates your circadian rhythm. But indoors, unwanted blue light is emitted from digital devices such as computers and smartphone screens.

If you work on a computer, use a smartphone or watch TV, you are exposed to blue light. Too much blue light exposure may damage the eyes over time. Children are especially vulnerable because their eyes have not yet developed natural defenses against UV rays and blue light.

Wearing blue-light-attenuating lenses can protect your eyes from these potentially harmful rays.

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Always wear sunglasses when exposed to strong sunlight. Another preventative measure to protect your eyes is wearing a wide-brimmed hat or baseball cap when the sun is directly overhead. Not using proper protection makes you more likely to develop cataracts, macular degeneration or intraocular melanoma – all of which can permanently damage your eyesight.


Not all sunglasses have the same amount of UV protection. Make sure to invest in a pair with polarized or UV-protective lenses in order to block out most dangerous UV rays.

Since UV ray damage on the eyes builds up over a lifetime, it is important to protect your children right from the start. Make sure they wear hats and protective sunglasses when they are out in the sun.

Seiko offer coatings that shield your eyes from direct UV radiation.

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Comfort is everything

Irrespective of situation – driving, sports, digital life, indoors, rain or sunshine – you should have the most comfortable viewing experience.

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Giving you better vision

For optimal comfort combined with flawless vision, tailor your lenses to fit your individual needs.