Our eyesight is one of the most precious things we all own – and busy modern life means our eyes face more and more challenges every day.

Seiko Vision Specialists deliver three key benefits, ensuring you receive first-class eyecare, precision fitted lenses and long-lasting peace of mind.


Your Seiko Vision Specialist offers personalised lenses to match any lifestyle, so you never need to compromise on performance or appearance.

No matter when or where you are, you always want to look your best – while making sure your vision is clear in any light.

• Super-Thin and Light lenses
• Long-lasting and easy to clean coatings
• 230 shade of tints available
• Ultra-personalised lens designs, tailored to your activities.


When you visit your local Seiko Vision Specialist, not only will you enjoy a comfortable, customer- focused consultation – you’ll get the very best of industry-leading eyecare technology.

Seiko’s in-store Xperience technology is expert engineered to capture precise measurements in mere moments, making sure that your lenses can be uniquely tailored to your personal parameters.


Your Seiko Vision Specialist offers a range of warranties to ensure you continue to get the service you deserve.


Seiko lenses and frames are precision engineered to last – the true pinaccle of innovation and technology. That’s why all Seiko lenses have a 3 years warranty on coatings, to ensure the maximum of serenity in your experience.


When you first start wearing your new lenses, it can sometimes take time to adjust to the new crispness of vision - many customers feel slight discomfort or off-balanced as they adjust.

Usually your eyesight will settle after a few short weeks – but our exclusive 3-month adaptation warranty ensures you can make any alterations you may need.

* Warranty against production issues, in normal conditions of use.
** The replacement design will be from same or lower price range. In case of progressive, it could also be converted into a pair of far vision plus a pair of near vision. Limited to one usage par patient per equipment