Higher contrast, richer colors. No glare.

SEIKO PolarThin is the world's thinnest polarized lens and offers you complete glare reduction and improved contrast and color. With their lightweight design and thin shape, they can be used in all types of frames, including rimless and supra frames. Choose between cool grey or warm brown in order to give your lenses a natural hue.

As a global company, our available product range may differ locally. Contact a Seiko Vision Specialist to confirm availability in your area.

Image on a beach with the sea waves and the sun glaring down

Innovative polarization filter

While being active outdoors, it is crucial that you protect your eyes from high sun exposure. Otherwise, not only can you receive too much direct sunlight, but experience glare, both of which cannot be filtered out by conventional sunglasses. With the SEIKO PolarThin innovative polarization filter, glare is reduced and the benefits endless.

Two different tinted lenses side by side

Improved color and contrast

An added benefit of the SEIKO PolarThin filter is improved contrast, allowing you to experience outdoor color tones more vividly and intensely. Get ready to experience nature like never before.

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