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SEIKO INDOOR lenses are the perfect solution for situations that require intensive eye movement within a specific range of vision. To match your personal needs, we offer SEIKO INDOOR PC, SEIKO INDOOR 100 and SEIKO INDOOR 200.

As a global company, our product range may differ locally. Contact a Seiko Vision Specialist to confirm availability in your area.

Male wearing eyeglasses working indoors behind a computer


The special design of the SEIKO INDOOR PC lenses provides both a wide, close-up zone and an intermediate zone, helping to ensure comfortable eye movement between your computer screen, keyboard and all the other objects on your desk. A perfect lens for activities between a range of 50cm to 1m. 

Male wearing eyeglasses speaking with his hands to a female wearing eyeglasses at a table


SEIKO INDOOR 100 lenses offer a highly comfortable near and intermediate range of vision for activities at a distance of about 1 metre. These lenses are perfect for those who work closely with their customers.

Female wearing eyeglasses pointing at a board conducting a meeting with three other people


When indoors, is your main focus placed about 2 metres away from you? If this is the case, we highly recommend SEIKO INDOOR 200. While providing you with a clear immediate and intermediate range of vision, these lenses have a seamless design that offers optimal comfort.


Explore the entire Seiko lens range. All Seiko lenses are manufactured with the utmost precision, ensuring clarity from edge-to-edge through a seamless design that suits all needs.