Always ready, always protected

Imagine lenses that adapt to your surroundings quickly and reliably. That help protect your eyes from being overexposed to light, whether you are indoors or outdoors. SEIKO SENSITY lenses combine hi-tech photochromic technology with seamless design, helping you to see comfortably from the moment the sun comes up.

As a global company, our product range may differ locally. Contact a Seiko Vision Specialist to confirm availability in your area.

Diagram showing how quick lenses turn from normal to sun lens tints

Superfast performance

SEIKO SENSITY lenses won’t leave you in the dark for long. Within 30 seconds, they darken to create a stunning sun lens tint. And after only 60 seconds, you can see clearly again with up to 23% lighter vision.

Three different coloured lens tints from dark to light

Three stylish colours

Choose a tint that suits your style and needs – classic grey, warm brown or eye-catching green. All three varieties give you the best results when it comes to glare reduction, contrast retention, and colour experience. On top of that, they provide protection against harmful UV rays.

Other SEIKO lenses

Explore the entire Seiko lens range. All Seiko lenses are manufactured with the utmost precision, ensuring clarity from edge-to-edge through a seamless design that suits all needs.