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Safe journey, relaxed arrival

The darker it gets, the more our eyesight can suffer. With decreasing brightness, our visual perception may become impaired and our pupils widen, making them much more prone to irritation through light reflection and glare. This can cause high levels of stress and discomfort when driving at night. Our solution: SEIKO DRIVE.

As a global company, our product range may differ locally. Contact a Seiko Vision Specialist to confirm availability in your area.

Optimised for your eyes only

SEIKO DRIVE for single vision lenses allows you to see far distances with extra clarity, eliminating distortions around the edges. SEIKO DRIVE X for progressive lenses optimises your immediate field of vision, giving you a clear view of everything right on the dashboard.

Lens coating for glare-free vision

Our special coating, SEIKO RoadClearCoat, reduces troublesome glare and reflections from oncoming traffic, wet surfaces and other inconveniences. Giving you a clear view so that you can reach your destination safe and sound.


Explore the entire Seiko lens range. All Seiko lenses are manufactured with the utmost precision, ensuring clarity from edge-to-edge through a seamless design that suits all needs.